Friday, March 23, 2007

Recognize your blog

I'm playing the game, recognize your blog.
Read below and tell me who you think you are !
The three of you that read my blog should guess yours right off :)
I'm going to say really shitty things about anyone who doesn't read my blog, because I can...and you won't read it any way and because it will make things a little more dramatic. :) just kidding.

1- You have your hands full. I always look forward to new posts, although you don't update very much and I wish you would. I love reading what you have to say and haven't heard about how you and your partner are doing in a while. You are probably not going to read this post.

2- I enjoy reading your blog, You don't update a lot, and when you do it seems like more of a way for you to talk about your trips.

3- What can I say....friends for a long time....looking forward to our kids being friends. :)

4- You live so close and yet we have never met ? How is that possible ? :)
Our lives seem too much the same some days.

5- Our lives are mirrored only 6 months behind. I look forward to reading what is in store for me and my family. You always give me such good advice

6- Love you, love your blog. Dropped of the daily circuit for a while and since you were one of the only regulars on my blog....I noticed. :)

7- All we need is margaritas, no kids and a couple of backyard chairs. I love reading your's been an obsession of mine for the last couple of weeks. I would just need to remember to keep my hands to myself.

8- This one is too easy. I admire your strength and love to see the kids pictures and videos. I wished that you would talk more in detail about how it is to raise kids with your "condition" (I don't want to give it COMPLETELY away :) ha ha

9- I don't think you read my blog very often. I do read yours every day and have enjoyed seeing how your family has blossomed. I think that your baby and my oldest have a lot of the same personality traits as babies go. :)

10- I love reading your blog. You are always so insightful. I love to give you advice and talk about our similar pregnancies...I'm pretty sure you don't always love getting my advice :) ha ha

11- I don't think you read my blog very often. I read yours and have noticed since the birth of your beautiful baby you have had your hands full and haven't blogged a lot. I really want to copy your Meez :)

12- I lurk on these 2's not on my list and they probably do not read my blog even when I've posted on theirs. I'm so excited for their recent good news. :)

13- Another lurking blog....not on my list, but I read it every so often. Soon to enjoy the new world of motherhood.....oh and I LOVE their house. Damn nice house.
They will not ever see this so to add some drama to this boring better watch your back blog that I lurk on....or I will start posting my advice on your blog.
Word up !


nailgirl24 said...

Merr is number 4 and I am lucky number 7??? Margaritas baby!!

Merr said...

I think I am number 4. We should really meet. You probably live like 5 minutes away and we don't even know. We should have a play group! One day we should visit denise and have backyard fun!!

Carey said...

Can we have #12?? :)

amy said...

we sound an awful lot like #2 but I'm sure many people do ; )

K J and the kids said...

I made these simply too damn easy.

I do have to say however that I'm shocked and happily surprised that 4 people responded so quickly.

I'm off to take care of my two sick boys...both bronchitis/RSV and ear infections. FABULOUS !

Big ups to my peeps !

Mommy & Mama & Cubs said...

My honey has asked me to post this in your blog for her :)

"Mine probably is #8. Will tell about my experience with my "condition" raising kids but am able to until I get back to MD. I'm using pager where I can read anyone's blogs but can't blog in or make comments."

Mommy & Mama & Cubs said...

oops I accidently missed one line after copying n pasting..My honey is not able to do it until she gets back to MD

Stef said...

Well I dont think I am any of them.. but I read your blog :)

Jennifer said...

Am I number 10? I'm thinking the twin thing is similar, right?! And of course I love hearing your advice! It scares me, sure, but I need to know what I am facing, right? No sugar-coating. Keep it real!!

Anonymous said...
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Tracerhawk said...

Late responders (big twin sale this weekend). I'm pretty sure we are #5. But I'm dying to know who #12 is. Will you be posting answers soon? I think I might steal your idea and do this on my blog too. This was fun!

Sorry to hear the kids are sick. I feel for you. All healthy here but I'm looking for wood to knock on.

Jennifer said...

Um, I think I'm number 1....

so you're wrong...I did read this post.

Stacey said...

Are we #9? And I do lurk on your blog but I find it really hard to post on folks blogs or read daily with the baby. :P I love seeing your pics and I love the advice you offer.