Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gotch-ya !

I know, you are ALL wondering where I am !
Sure you are.
YOU ARE damn it !

Let me just tell you....It's 86 degrees outside, both boys are sleeping, Syd is playing and now having lunch at the neighbors....and my wife is home working on the playhouse !

Jan took 2 days off this week to get it done. (well, not done, but more done) Here is a picture of where she's at today at 12noon.
She has the post holes dug and set for the deck....she's now starting to put the walls/skin on.
Can't wait !

"Hi Baby.....I'll bring you a Popsicle as soon as I'm done blogging about this picture !"
(I'm gettin' all warm and fuzzy seeing her with her tool belt on :)
Don't get any ideas bloggland people....she's all mine ! ha ha

Update 3pm !
As you can see it has walls and a roof/2nd floor.
All of the stay at home moms came over to find their children who seem to find their way over to our house. It was better than relief society. 6 moms and 20 kids.
Syd missed out as she was taking a nap through the whole thing.
(Note to self.....SHOWER YOU NASTY ASS ! AT LEAST BRUSH YOUR TEETH. You never know when people will show up in your back yard and talk for a couple of hours.)

Picture it, desperate housewives neighborhood ladies and then there's me....I'm wearing a tank top (which I shouldn't be) shorts (which I shouldn't be) a hat (I shouldn't be but it's a damn good thing I am).
I should be, wearing makeup, brushing my teeth, or showering....working out, tanning, or just reconstructive surgery to correct what now EVERYONE in my neighborhood got to see. UGH ! I HATE THAT !

Last update Day 1,
Here you have it.....the second level framed. We are a little concerned, my concern is for J's life, hers is fear for her own finishing the roof.
It's a LITTLE bit taller than we had expected. Or maybe it just SEEMS really tall when you think you have to climb up and put a roof on that bad boy.


A + C=3 kids said...

J is so talented! It looks like fun. Isn't it great when your wife stays home from work? I LOVE THAT! have a fun day outside. And yes, I have been wondering where you are. I even bitched about it in my blog. So there, you there you are loved.

Dee said...

I can't wait for Riley to come play in your play house!

Merr said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. When she is done, send her over to our house to start on ours!
It is sooooooo nice and HOT. Should be a way fun weekend.
Are you guys gonna make it to the park on Friday???

nailgirl24 said...


Merr said...

Wow nice work J!
I was looking for the picture of you in your tank and shorts though. Where is that one??

K J and the kids said...

A-I wish that J could work from home like so many others get to.

Dee-Riley is SO coming over :)

Merr-I hope to see you tomorrow. Save me a place just in case.
AND HELL NO am I taking a picture in the shorts and hat. It's bad....REALLY REALLY bad !
The kids are all back over only now they are all sitting behind me on my living room floor...and I still haven't showered :)

ECand3 said...

FYI - The neighborhood desperate housewives either wish they could be you or secretly want you!

amy said...

that's a pretty impressive looking play house! we have a swingset being delivered on saturday, would J mind coming over to help Melanie put it together? ; )-

hotomiky said...

wow! Your so lucky! Take pix wjen it completes! Look awesome playhouse...

Our kids would love that!

Nice weather out there - same as here! :)

nailgirl24 said...

Rock on J!!!

Merr, I was looking for the tank top hat pic too.

kyky7079 said...

I have missed you - and was about to sick the blog posse on your ass when you re-emerged. When I heard J was home from work I totally understood. When B and I are home together during the day the laptops get neglected. The playhouse looks good! No wonder your whole neighborhood came over to look!

KellyBelly said...

I will deny that I know anything about this playhouse and Vicki is not allowed over anymore..... The fear that a 3 story fort would be under construction at our house the next day!!! What, you didn't know that Vicki was competitive :)

Looks great, keep us posted as construction ends and we can see a final product.

Holly said...

I'm very impressed! And I love the tool belt!
Damn, I wish you guys lived closer!
Or maybe it should be us who should be living out there - it's where all the cool people are, right?