Thursday, November 20, 2008

and Life goes on as Normal.

I woke up today expecting to feel different. Famous. Not so much the case however.
Strapped up in my hands free pumping bra and two babies nestled in front of me smacking on their bottles at 6am kind of puts a reality check on the situation. ha ha

Thank you all for you comments. We had no idea what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. We are glad we did it and thrilled that we have these memories recorded for all eternity. Sydney did steal the show didn't she ?! She's such a little star. (Yes it was poop on her dress. and mommy J's pants. and all over the baby)

A few things to think about after watching the show.
-Black doesn't really make you look skinnier. Oh but keep wearing it, it looks good in EVERY SINGLE shot :) (love that black t-shirt)
-Wean boys off of binky's IMMEDIATELY. Good hell, it would have been nice to see their full faces.
-cut back on the word dude. apparently we say it a little. ok a LOT.

The show will not be online. I don't know if it will be later or not.
What I may do is get a list of the people who REALLY REALLY want to see it and their addresses. Send the list of people including their address with a copy of the DVD to the first person on the list. Then it is up to that person to watch it and forward it on to the next person crossing out their name. so on and so on. until everyone gets a chance to view it. What do you think ?

I printed and cut every SINGLE persons name out and made sure there were no duplicates and then drew out 18 names. I'm the kind of person you couldn't always trust to lie and hand select the names....but I couldn't do it. I felt everyone was deserving so I was honest. Cross my heart.

Jen - Turner Times
Melissa - from Queens
lilkatie52 - Kate
Robin - no blog
Jen - Mad World
Mel - But you're still young
AJ's Mommy - All about Austin
Jo - Tangled Me
CCB - Two moms and a baby
Carey - Finding Chaos
Ali - Our Life
Stef - Stef's World
Tracerhawk - Twins and a Toddler
Essence - In essence and Arcane
Jillian - Jillian's blog
Sonya - Sonya and Carie
Cheryl - Life in the fast lane
Catherine - Catherine Kos

Congratulations, expect your prizes in the coming week.


tbean said...

delurking to say I enjoyed the show!

Sonya said...

YAY! Wow... we like never win anything!

Good luck weaning off the binky's!

Stef said...

Yeah !!! I will email you :)

Must say I liked the show.. my mom watched it too and she actually works at the hospital you gave birth at :) Needless to say I dod not know that one!!! Does that make me a bad daughter??

amy said...

the show was FANTASTIC!! you guys did great, all 7 of you are naturals. i think they should do a whole series on you guys.

and, i was really impressed that there was no mention of it being a family of 2 mons. it was just totally normal and that was really refreshing!

Liz P said...

Damn! Where's my prize?

I never win anything.



Tracerhawk said...

We won, we won!! Loved the show. Even though we are "pretend friends" it felt like we were watching a show of our friends. The kids were great, and Syd was certainly the star! My Mom watched it too and said she thought you were all awesome. Good luck with the binkys - maybe it's time to relegate them to their rooms except for bedtime? I'll send you my address just in case you don't have it.

Angele said...

Yes I think it's a good idea. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE SHOW!!!!
We would even be whilling to purchase a copy if we had too!!!

Jo said...

Wow! My lines are TOTALLY ruined now. I won something two weeks in a row! Who woulda thunk it?

Jo said...

P.S. I read the things you said to the Princess and she laughed with me about them. Especially because while we were watching the show, I made a comment about that being your favorite shirt.

toodydolly said...

I'm a long time lurker and in awe of your family. Just saw the show. Congratulations on a wonderful family and entertaining time!

Jen said...

wow I won!? Yay for me. I watched the show today over at my moms. So cute, I loved seeing your family. I still don't know how you 2 do it, but those kids are so lucky to have such amazing women raising them! Love ya K!

Jen Sprayberry said...

You would have picked me right? I understand you had to give everyone a shot, I just wanted to make sure we're still tight! :) Well I think you're famous and I hope you got a cool gift from the network. You helped their ratings- I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start a dvd share list....I want to see this so badly! I'm sure it was great....


Tori said...

Loved, loved, loved it!

My mom, dad, aunt and uncle watched it tonight and said you have a beautiful family.

DaniKel said...

We had DVR'd the show. I had saw a preview for it, and of course, as with probably any other same sex parent, had to watch it. Love seeing our 'normal' lives portrayed to the rest of the world. So I set it up to record, and we both watched it yesterday. I found your blog via AJ's Mommy, and had to comment.

The show was GREAT!!! Your kids are gorgeous! I am so glad you guys did this. And I want to thank you. I feel that if more people see how 'normal' our lives are, then maybe they won't be so ignorant - and vote for things like Prop 8.

Anyways - the show was great!

MommaKiss said...

Hello K and J!

I'm a friend of Liz's (awesome photog!) and she clued me in to your show.

I was so impressed with your whole "way" with each other: as spouses, as parents, as friends. Your attitudes seem to be a lot like mine, roll with it - and laugh a lot! I think you are amazing parents and an example for any family.

And even tho I was stalking for a glimpse of Liz - I was just drawn right in by your story. Kick ass show - everyone looked great and I SOL (snorted out loud) when poor Sydney got pooped on. Like - hey - this is real life, poop happens.

Many blessings to you as your gorgeous babies grow!


MommaKiss said...

Oh, PS - K, I totally love your hair! I recently cut off a crapton of mine - and it's fun to have a sassy cut, but next time I go in - I'm going to print your pic and say "I want the K!"

Rainbow Momma said...

Watching you guys was prize enough!

(Now let me get my nose out of your ass. LOL!)

I love the word verification you do on my blog. I've been trying to do some of my own. Maybe you should start a new dictionary, or if nothing else, submit your new words to Webster for inclusion in the next version. LOL!! Thanks for keeping me laughing.

Kate said...

The binkys were and are a tuff subject at our house. My little one just WILL NOT give them up. But we have broken it down to just at nigt. I love the idea of the DVD share, sounds like fun!

AJ's mommy said...

Hey look at your comments... I sent someone your way... so remember this when you get hooked up on some big series show, I get some residuals... :) Totally joking. Not about the series show though, Kris TOTALLY wants to know when we can start lining up our dvr's for your show every week???? We are hooked!

PS - I am so happy I won. I never win anything like this!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

if you can get someone to upload it...then it'd be easier. or if we get the dvd maybe we can capture it and put it up to be downloaded. i don't see why we can't use a torrent site to upload and share it... it sucks that it's not online. boo.

CrystalnMelanie said...

I love to read your blog, although I never comment. I didn't get to watch the show, but I did see the preview online. I would love to see it, and would also purchase a copy need be.


Merr said...

Oh DAMN! I never win anything!!

Melissa said...

Yay! So happy that I won too!

I already e-mailed you, but wanna say again, thank you for allowing us to take a peek into your life! I loved the show, and I hope you film another some time soon! Thank you!

Melissa from Queens

Jess said...

Ok..we loved it! Cam is the boy version of Layne.....moody and passionate and loud! Spencer looks like such a little love bug. And, yes, Syd did steal the show. I think she might be destined to be a star. She is so mature for 4 yrs old. You guys were just what I expected.....down to earth and funny. Now I want to come to Utah just to hang out :)
I have to admit, I was hoping that you would refer to Baverly on air. I just broke out laughing when she made her debut.

What a pro at delivering made it look so easy. How awesome is it that you guys have this memory preserved forever.

One question: Where were your families? parents? etc? If that is to personal....sorry.

The only downside of the whole show? NOw I feel guilty about eating out.....I have cooked every night since the show!!!!!

Jess said...

One more thing......Dr. Hottie is definately hot. When she came on screen, I yelled...."look Mere, it's Dr. Hottie!."

geminigirl64 said...

HEY! I wanted in on the DVD too! Dont make me come over there!

Caroline said...

Hey, I just saw you on TV this morning. Great show and thanks for sharing your wonderful family with all of us.

angi said...

I am also a lurker (may have commented before?) anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the show. You guys are such a cute family! I loved the attempt at pics of the boys - you had us cracking up.

Jen Sprayberry said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving tip. Do you just melt chocolate chips or something to dip them in? Such a fun idea.

Boo said...

I have been so busy but I did want to say that I watched the show!! I recorded it even!! I thought you were all WONDERFUL!!! Brave girl!!


Kerry Lynn said...

Damn! My recording didn't work. It doesn't show any more listings :-(
I may need to be put on that mailing list!

Kate said...

Totally excited to win a prize, but just wondering when I should be on the lookout for it.