Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 We have been skipping naps with the babies lately.     Which as you can almost impossible some days.
Our bedtime routine is, I put the older 3 to bed, J puts the babies to bed.    A task she didn't mind doing when their room was our room.....with a that she could watch sports whildst putting them to bed I might add.
Now that they are in their own room the task can only take 5-10 minutes or it becomes exhausting.   ESPECIALLY if they've nodded off for a few minutes or 45, during the day.
If they don't have naps...these two are ready for bed (at 5:30 :) and asleep by 7-7:30 pm.    With even a 20 minute power nap, or sometimes 45.....they will still be laughing and screwing around at 9:30-10'oclock.   It really is a nightmare for us err mostly J.      
Plus, with the 7:30 bedtime we have been able to just be at night.   We can talk, or not talk and it's quiet and nobody is trying to share whatever late night snack you have saved in the back of the cupboard for youself.  It's WONDERFUL.

But what do you do when they are just too tired to keep their little eyes open.
I either A)  sit them on the counter and have them help me clean up lunch or cook dinner.  They end up fussing and then screaming for over an hour sometimes in exhausted misery.    Something I don't like to deal with.
or B) after catching them asleep on the floor, couch, under a bed.....leave them and take a picture.   Letting my wife deal with them laughing and playing for over an hour sometimes with no end in sight.

Again.   I think there needs to be a balance here.

Nathan slid down the couch after bob bob bobbing and ended up on Ryan's lap.   SO cute.   Now, had I not decided to choose option B.  This picture never would have happened for a few minutes or 45.  :)


thellfamily said...

Oh my goodness insanely adorable!

anofferingoflove said...

o.m.g. the 2nd picture is the cutest thing ever!!

amy said...

poor J, they look they're resting up for the big struggle tonight ; ) they're awfully cute though...

Stacey said...

The same thing happens in our house. I hate bedtime. I do love cute pictures though and those are some great ones!!!

I use my Nintendo DS or Blackberry for nights that are too long and frustrating. They're portable and small and you can be mean and tell the kids that no they can't have them just go to sleep while you play games. :)

Merr said...

Dang skipping naps already!! That sucks! I like to nap my kids until at least age 3-4. BUT.... my kids are great sleepers and love to sleep, so a nap hasn't ever affected them. I do miss out on getting those ever so cute fallen asleep on the couch photos though!

Selmada said...

Way too cute of a picture.
I will continue to hope my boys like naps as much as they do now for as long as possible.

Janet's page said...

I think your balance is just fine!!! ;)

M Family said...

Gotta love the "working" parent vs SAH parent thing, its nice to have those few minutes during the day, but its also nice to just be at night. I know the babies are captain destructos right? But is it possible to just gate them in their room and let them go ahead and be until they exhaust themselves at night? That way you two can have your time, and they can mess around?