Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It happened

The big boys started first grade today.  Syd started yesterday.
FINALLY...sheesh.  Are we the very last to start school ?
It feels like everyone has posted first day pictures for weeks.

They all seem to like their teachers.   I've only met the boys' and both seem to be very nice.
The other FANTASTIC thing is.....Cam's teacher is mentoring Spencer's teacher, so most of their classwork and schedules are the same.   :)   That will make it a LOT easier for this mama.

Everyone was SUPER excited to go today.   They left 37 minutes early for school, and that was after forcing them to take one more picture, just one more picture.

Cameron, Spencer, Sydney, Nathan and Ryan
1st, 4th and pre K

my kids being my kids :)

photo bomb


Stacey Bourgeois said...

Love the pics. My little brother used to turn and stick out his butt for all of our family pics around that age.

Ours start school next week so you're not the last ones.

Glad everyone likes their teachers.

Amanda said...

Do not start over here for another week! So nope, not the last ones. I am loving the photo bomb. Perfect! Although know it does not need said, seriously cute kids! Syd is rocking that stylish but fun 4th grade look ;)

Ashleigh said...

So do you request that your twins be put into different classes? The girls are starting a 2 morning per week preschool next week and will be in the same class. At this point, I can't imagine them being apart.

Merr said...

And then there were two! Oh what will you do? They are all so grown up!

twomomsandajourney said...

Awesome! Baby J started today as well. I thought we were the last ones. LOL Cant believe how fast they grow.

DaniKel said...

Pictures wouldn't be the same if they weren't being silly in at least one (or with my kids MOST!) of them! Glad they like their teachers. Makes moms job much easier!

Love the pics!! The photobomb is awesome!!!

Tracerhawk said...

We can't seem to get any photos of the kids without rabbit ears or sillies in them! Hope the kids enjoy school. We are in our second week here and Cuppie said, this is when the real 2nd grade starts. Last week was all fun and games!

Janet's page said...

Mine don't start until next week Tuesday..
They have grown so much!

miss v said...

They have grown so much!

Christine Fretwell said...

Great shots!
Here, school starts the day after labor day, so not until next week. Of course mine have to wait until next year anyway since they have to turn 5 in the year they start school to start (we have K but no pre-k).
You must be wandering around the house, wondering what to do......NOT