Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Analyze this

I had a dream last night.   I was in bed and was so afraid, female instincts on full volume.   The first morning I awoke to a ripped screen in my bedroom window.  (the bedroom window 2 stories high in my childhood home)  I didn't know or couldn't explain how the screen had been ripped but tried to lock the window and was scared on high alert the next night.   Janice lay sleeping next to me without a worry.   My parents asleep in their room next to mine.  :)
The next night I heard something.   Felt the breeze from the window being open...didn't know if the person was already in my room or trying to climb through the window.   I was trying to scream and was shaking Janice to wake her up.   Noise finally came out and scared the would be intruder away.   I ran from the back of the house (my room) to my parents room and opened the curtains to get a better look at who it was.   There was a man.  I was just screaming....wild animal screams to let him know that it wasn't safe to come back for me....that everyone was awake now and that he couldn't get me.  I kept trying to memorize his license plate number as he drove away in his truck.   He gave me a second chance when he backed up and dumped logs of wood for a fire all over the front lawn. My dad finally woke up and we ran out the was more like he was running and I was just following along with his journey as if I was watching it on TV.   He caught the guy.    When I went to the living room my dad was explaining to me that he wasn't trying to hurt me....he just wanted to show me how to turn the power to the house off.    His wife was sitting next to him....trying to believe her husbands accounts of the night and agreeing with my dad.     I screamed "NO !"  and pulled his wife up off the couch....lead her to the backyard under my window and showed her the things he had been stacking to get up to my window (bedding comfort sets :)  and that he could clearly reach the circuit breaker to turn the power off to the house by standing on his tip toes.    She believed me.   She didn't want to.
We went back in the house and I confronted the guy.   I asked him why he had matching comfort sets to the ones that I had from all different times in my life.    Mine from my first grown up big boys first current bedding.  
He admitted to trying to get me (I never understood what it was that he was planning on doing to me....but awake I'm pretty sure it's not good)  My dad arrested him...he's retired but still had handcuffs.  
As the guy was being lead away......he explained that he had found me through my blog and was able to find out where I lived and which room was mine all from following along.    
My dad told me that the first thing that I needed to do was to blog what had scare everyone. He told me that after I did that I needed to make my blog private.

All night I ran from people.   From people trying to get me.  Diving on and off subways and buses and through buildings.   I'd lose one person and another would be right there to take their place in the hunt.

Whaddya think ?
Any ideas ?

My big boys started flag football.   I never worry that they'll struggle.   I suppose I'm lucky that way.  They seem to have enough coordination and natural talent to handle most sports.   We'll see if they pick a sport to stick with and how much energy and dedication they'll put forth later in life.   For now they are having fun.

Cam pulled the first 3 flags of the game.  He was on fire.  He's also got a foot on him....he can kick the ball really well.   He has this speed that he's holding back on though.   He'll run fast but just fast enough.  It's like someone needs to light a spark to set off his rocket booster speed :) ha ha
Cam heading for the flag

Cam with the flag
 Spencer has a mean arm on him.   Jan already has him pegged as quarterback :)  He was also instinctively good at following and defending the receiver down the field.   They can't tackle or push the guys away. (at least I don't think they can) but he did some fantastic blocking with his body.
Spencer as quarterback/his own receiver (per the coaches instructions...he wasn't being a ball hoggit :-)....he ran the ball a good distance down the field too

None of the opinions expressed are at all biased or prejudice AT ALL !  I'm simply recapping the events and can't help it if I'm their mom and think they are the cutest bestest ones ever.  :)

Syd really wants to play, I think we're too late now.   We'll see.   She was coaching her brothers on the side telling them to just pull everyone's flag.  ha ha  I suppose that's one way to do it.

And now...that strange guy with a lifetime of my comfort sets knows just a little bit more about me and my kids.


Stacey Bourgeois said...

Oh, my. Weird dream. I don't know how to analyze it but perhaps you worry about putting your life online for all to see? Maybe? And that your comforters are just symbolizing your life at different stages and that he had access to it all and was using it to get to you. Maybe not a guy or someone actually coming for you but someone using your blog or what they know about your life to get to you in some way. :P

I had a weird dream the other night involving rescuing circus animals, saving a baby giraffe from my pool, talking to the mother giraffe about her actual breed--was she a true giraffe? (she was) and then watching a water buffalo walk on the pool hose hoping he didn't fall in because he'd be too heavy. I figure it's a symbol of my life and how I'm managing okay but I'm worried that something big will happen that I can't manage.

The boys are so cute. I have no idea about any kind of football game.

K J and the kids said...

That was a freaky analysis of my dream. It sounds as though it actually makes sense out of that nonsense. :)

Stacey Bourgeois said...

I should quit my day job and analyze dreams for a living. :P

Stacy said...

I love how you go from INTENSE crazy dream to....oh yeah flag football.

Your blog analyzes your dream on its're all over the place. lol

If a I dream about any of that tonight, I'll let you know.

Amber said...

I am glad I am not the only one who can recall a dream and then go back to sleep to have additional dreams but still recall the first dream after I am awake.

I'd say that the first night of high alert was "dread". Knowing that something bad will happen but feeling you have no power or controll. The second night after waking up and alerting everyone to assist seems like you are in need of having people on your side( like your dad and wife) and are concerned that the situation ( any dangerous situation) is not being taken as seriously as you feel it should be. I think the comforter sets are symbols of past experiences of being comforted after similar experiences ( like having to convince the mans wife that you were honest and her believing you). I think the handcuffs are the symbol of the guilty party and your dad was convicting him as a sign of his love for you. Your dad told you to make your blog private after posting a warning seems to me that you are feeling uncomfortable with the way ppl have stolen from your blog in the past and are feeling like you may be stole from in your real life home situation. I hope you have a peaceful nights sleep. I found your blog awhile back ( lesbian friends of mine were doing insemination and while following their journey I stumbled on your blog. I like your wittiness and honesty and have checked back frequently to experience life in the West with a large family ). I'd suggest having a location ticker thingy on the blog just so you can see where your followers are located( not a blogger myself ) and maybe knowing its not all close to home could set your mind at ease. ~ Amber, wife of 14 years, mom of 2boys and apparently a blog land stalker :/

K J and the kids said...

I need to post all of my dreams. You guys do good work.

Amber....I always seem to remember my dreams. I can also change my dreams in the middle of them depending on the scariness of them. ie. once I had a dream that Nathan (my son) was hit and killed by a car. I was walking over to see what happened and I physically couldn't handle it so I was able to change or rewind it or whatever and he just got hit but wasn't killed and would be ok. :)