Friday, September 27, 2013

First snow

As you can tell from the tree....everything is confused.   Is it fall now, still summer, winter ?
It's 45 degrees right now.
Winters in Utah are always SO long.  We've had snow fall in May here.   I just want to add that if it's going to start early, at least let spring start in February.   I think I can handle that.    And whoever made up the rules to these 4 seasons, really needed to consider making Spring and Fall last a bit longer.   1-2 weeks just isn't enough.
I'm not ready for my house or more so my floors to be covered in gloves, boots and hats just yet.

I get to be the photographer at my grandma's 90th friends birthday celebration tonight.
It was supposed to be in her backyard.   needless to say (and with my picture above as proof)  it's been moved to the church.   I'm sure that the lighting will of course be perfect.  Not that I know shit about lighting....but I know that pictures taken outside at dusk with a beautiful surrounding yard as my backdrop would be a hell of a lot better than fluorescents and wood paneling.  (sigh) whatever.  They know not to expect too much.   Any advice ?


Stacey Bourgeois said...

SNOW? ALREADY? Crazy. :(

I hear you--I love spring and fall. They should last the longest.

Indoor can be hard. I usually use the P setting on my canon rebel (no flash) and adjust the ISO settings. There's an ISO button and you can bring it up or down depending on the lighting--dark/light. Get there first and play around with the camera first if you can.

Indoor may require flash though. You're right--outdoor would have been nicer. :/

Amanda said...

I am not sure whether to be jealous or relieved. I love me some snow, but....dude, it is September!

PS-I got real excited when I saw you mention Flat Stanley on More than Words blog. Did you know there is an actual broadway play based on him?!?!?!

Spring said...

You can move to FL where our seasons are totally different than anywhere else in the world (ie, summer, hurricane season, love bug season & snowbird (old fart) season) lol...
I never minded the snow when we lived in CT or NC but then again we didn't have kids then & I never had o shovel it.
Have fun being photographer! :)

Carey said...

That really isn't snow, is it?! We're still wearing shorts here in FL :)