Friday, September 6, 2013

Tvins !

Someone asked me previously if I asked for my big boys to be placed in different classes. I didn't. I have decided that I will just let the school place them and if they are be it. If not...great.
Spencer and Cameron have only made 1 or 2 comments about not being in the same class and it hasn't been emotionally troubling for them.
I like that they are in different classes. I like that it gives them space to be good at what they are and not comparing themselves with each other...which they really didn't do, but I did notice certain times when Spencer would bring home 3 reading books and Cameron would only have 2. Normally they are each given 2....I'm not really sure as to why a 3rd was given to Spencer but comments were made. "I got 3 books" And neither knew why Spence got an extra but I could see the wheels turning in their heads....trying to come up with an answer....pointing out the differences.
Spencer makes friends much easier than Cam. A lot of the time Spencer would make friends and then Cam would tag along. I want Cam to make his own friends. Currently they all play together with the same group at recess and that's ok. They'll branch out.
I encourage them to be different. To be an individuals. They are so different in looks that it's not hard. I have chosen not to dress them the same and they don't want to. They are starting to have certain clothes that are theirs and not the others. Certain shirts that they won't wear because, "That's Cam's shirt" when the shirt was bought for both and placed in their shared shirt drawer.
They always have each others backs when it comes to someone else. They get along so well together and truly are the best of friends.

My little boys now. They fight like crazy. They will turn on each other and join forces with their older siblings against the other in a heartbeat if it means that they are getting attention from the big kids. They have a harder time coming to compromises, a lot. They do play together. Twins are great because you do have a built in playmate.
For the last 45 minutes they have been taking cup fulls of water from my bathroom sink to the sand in the backyard...making quite the muddy mess. Ryan went to the bathroom to clean himself up and soon after Nathan came and asked me to "clean the bathroom because, Ryan made a mess in there." The bathroom now looks like the dog.  (sigh) They are currently getting themselves dressed and humming their own tune to whatever song is in their head.
They seem to follow pretty close with 2's company 3's a crowd when playing with friends or their siblings. Ryan has made comments to me, "mom, I want to go to Beckham's and I don't want Nathan to come" Nathan not so much. He usually asks Ryan to get his shoes on to go to Easton's. Ryan has also said to me enthusiastically, "mom, when I go to kindergarten I will have my own class...Nathan won't be in my school huh ?" which is HUGE because he has been my short leashed attached umbilical cord kid who HAD to sit by Nathan in pre school. He's branching out and I'm not only excited about it, but I encourage it and may ask that they be in separate classes in kindergarten. who knows. I may just play it out like the big boys and just let the school decide for me.

These 2 aren't twins...but such a cute picture...I had to include it. Syd and one of her BFF's.
I have a blog post coming about self worth. Get your thinking caps on.

***and apparently I must remind people that the pictures and words written on this blog are mine. You do not have permission to use any part of this blog without my consent. Thanks to Kendra who sent me a link to a craigslisting in HOUSTON, of all places. who had been using a picture of my big boys when they were young in a Foster/Adoption ad.   So strange. After an email and a phone call it was removed.  There are several pictures on their website and I'm sure none of the people on it know that they are. Either way. Stop using my kids. (even as tempting as it is with all of their super cuteness)


Stacy said...

You do produce some cute kids, but that's just creepy that someone would take your pics. Weirdos.

Excited for your next post!! You've been a blogging queen lately!

Mimi said...

My hubby has a twin sister and they're 53 and they were NEVER in the same class......I think they try to separate twins......

Spring said...

That's so weird about the photo!
I've thought about what I will want to do with our boys lately, since being faces with 2 possibly needing speech therapy in school. I know I want them in the same school & I think I will want them together so the bigger boys can lookout for

Spring said...


So the bigger boys can lookout for our small guy & so the little guy can keep an eye on his brothers that don't communicate as well right now.
They are each equally attached & get along/fight the same.

Christine Fretwell said...

my two are your like your younger set.
It will be interesting to see if that changes.