Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful !

A month gone.   One whole month.  I've never been considered a broad of so little words.
I would like to say that I saved you from a bunch of unnecessary jumbled words or would be posts.   You're welcome.
I can't say that the next bit isn't going to be all exciting for you.  But I will use capital letters and explanation points because this post makes me super happy.

Parent Teacher Conference.   We are graded in numbers starting in 3rd before 3rd grade it's P = pass. Our grades convert : 4 = A, 3 = B, 2 = C, 1 = D.  Citizenship : E = excellent, S = satisfactory,  NI = needs improvement.
We first sat down with Sydney's teacher.   The first thing out of her mouth was....."this is going to be the easiest parent teacher conference of the night for me"
She went on to tell us how great Syd was doing.   How she NEVER gives straight E's and that she gave them to Syd.   She said, "if I could bottle her up and create a whole class just like her, I would"
NEVER people !  NEVER In My Life did I think that I would hear this from one of her teachers mouths.
We sat there, the top of my head a little numb, my heart filled to the brim with pride, in awe.   She got all 4's. She stays in from recess to get her homework done some days. (because she hates doing it at home, her teacher doesn't need to know that though :) And her teacher loves her.
WANTS TO BOTTLE HER PEOPLE !  Someone wants to bottle my kid up.   MY SYD !
Good lord, if only you knew what it's taken to get us here.  
I couldn't be prouder of my boo girl.   and more than that....she couldn't be prouder of herself and that just makes my whole heart sing.

Cam-man dude is still my lax kid.   Oh how I love having one.   All of you that have several can kiss my ass.  It's just not fair to give so many to one family.
His teacher only had good things to report.    His reading jumped up 3 levels in the first term.  I've often worried that he "zones" out in class.   He'll come home with unfinished work sometimes and I never know if it was something that should have been completed or was just something extra to do (which is what he tells me)  He is one that I have a hard time grabbing and keeping his attention.  "oh look, something shiny" is how we like to describe him.  "Squirrel"  :)  His teachers always tell us that he pays attention and gets his work done independently.  (relieved sigh)  Cameron's a good kid and is kind to others.   What more can I ask.

Spencer.   Spencer is 100% my kid.   I've known it for a long time.   People compare me and Syd, because of my behavior today....but when I was little I was like Spencer.   I understand how he thinks and what makes him tick.   Thing is.....Jan has the hardest time with I remind her that if he bugs her...then I do too.   (a post coming later)
Spencer brought home 3 yellow cards the first 2 weeks of school.   (yellow is a warning)   It explains what he did, I have to sign it and send it back acknowledging that I saw it.  (shaking head)
The good news is that he stops at yellow.  :)   ha ha ha
The first thing his teacher said when we sat down was, "Spencer is the popular kid in class"  immediately knowing I corrected her by adding, "you mean he's the instigator, the ring leader ?"   She smiled and said that she was trying to be nice.   Oh please.   If I've heard anything in all of my years in school....I remember my parents being told these very same names.   The teacher says that if she can keep Spencer in control that the rest of the class stays pretty good.   So she has told him that he is a leader (mm hmm) and that he needs to be a good role model.   I hated all that came with this "role" and I'm sure Spencer will as well.   You get in trouble when several others are doing the same thing.....because you are the ring leader.   You are made to be the example.  
He'll survive.   Mostly because he's smart.   He's gone up 4 levels in reading which the teacher says she never see's.   He's reading at the top of the class.   He loves math (he does NOT get that from me) and does really well in it and everything else.    Like me, he's given an assignment and immediately gets to it.   He's usually the first one done (which I suppose gives him more time to mess around)  All in all....he's doing great.  He only got 2 S's in citizenship the rest were E's which means that it can't be too bad.

They all picked out books at the book fair.   Sydney got to pick the place and we went to dinner to celebrate the great parent teacher conferences.   She picked the Old Spaghetti Factory. (we got to sit in the trolley which for my kids was a special treat.   It also meant that we didn't sit at the same table. 4 to a table and we have 7.   I L-O-V-E that I can let them sit at their own table behind me and not worry about helping them order, or reminding them that we are in a restaurant and to behave.  I LOVE that)
For Sydney's perfect report card she also got a looming rubber band bracelet making kit.   It's the new boondoggle of the 20th century.   For some you might think we went over the top making such a big deal over her....but have no idea how absolutely THRILLED we were/are.

This weekend also included an overnight babysitter (my mom) and the Hilton Wrap Party.    We didn't attend the festivities this year....instead we chose go to dinner together, do a little shopping downtown...and then met my older brother for "Thor".   (great and very funny movie) before crashing in our hotel room for a restful nights sleep.    We were back home earlier than we'd like the next morning for gymnastics and soccer games. :)  aaaah, but the break was nice.

I'd say, so far this November, I have a SHIT LOAD to be thankful for.   and not my shit load....someone who shits a satisfying big load.   like the lady on the poo pourri commercial.  a shit load like that.   That's how happy and thankful I am.


thellfamily said...

So happy for Syd (and you!) on that great PT conference. Well done all.

So impressed you can let them be at their own table. Mine can't even be on good restaurant behavior with their parents, and there are only 2 of them!

Spring said...

Glad your back :)
I can only pray that our boys are that good in school! Right now 2.5 is NOT my favorite age & some days I'm not convinced they will turn out to be good kids :-/ lol...

Amanda said...

I am so thankful to see a post from you!!!! Reading this, I am reminded why I missed you ;)

How awesome are your kids?!?!?! Pretty darn awesome!

A major "WELL DONE" needs to be thrown at all three, and I know I am just "one of those computer people" but please tell Syd that she rocks and blogland is proud of her!!!! Straight E's, wow, just wow!!! She is something else!

Btw, I am secretly sending "Please let Boo be my lax kid like Cameron" out to the universe right now! And I loved the comparison between you and Spencer, hahahaha, funny how stuff works out like that huh? Seeing you as the end product, I think he will be just fine! Good job Mama!!!

Stacey Bourgeois said...

Missed you.

Yay for excellent report cards!!! It sounds like they're all doing so well!!

They are all so different--it's crazy to see the variety that can come out of one family. I am sometimes in awe over how different our 3 can be.

We have a Spaghetti Factory in Toronto too. Must be a chain?

Tracerhawk said...

Finally! I was thinking we were going to have to hop a flight to Utah to see what you were up too. Guess this is what it is like for readers of my blog!!

Glad the reports were all good. It seems our kids are the total opposite at school to how they are with us sometimes, that's good. And I love it when the kids can sit at their own table and order by themselves. Good parenting!!

More Than Words said...

This is awesome! I'm sure you're still beaming with pride - as you should be! I can't imagine what it would be like to go to a restaurant and trust Grace at her own table. Oh, man... so many years until that can happen, lol.

On a side note, stop being a blog slacker! Now that I'm back at work, I need something funny to reading when I should be working. ;)

Merr said...

I totally understand about Syd! Cam was the same way. His teacher said such great things about him at PTC that I almost cried. I am always so nervous to hear what they have to say. His teachers past all implied he may have ADHD. He is also getting better grades and turning all his work in on time. I LOVE IT!! I think they just grew up!! IT's awesome!!

Stacey Bourgeois said...

Miss your blogging...Hope all is well.

Kim aka Mommy said...

Haven't heard from ya in a while. Everything good?